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Pringles Care Services delivers personalised care and support to individuals in the comfort of their own home that is high quality, consistent and outcome based. Whether you need a little bit of help, clinical attention, respite or specialist ABI care, our friendly, well trained and experienced team are here to support you. To keep things as unobtrusive as possible, we will guide you through the options available. At a time convenient to you, we will arrange a FREE home assessment so you can discuss your needs with a trusted member of ourĀ  experienced team.


Will I always have the same Carer?
We make all efforts to provide clients with the same carer on a regular basis, however to avoid missed appointments we might sometimes need to send another familiar carer to cover circumstances such as sickness.
Whats important when you recruit your staff?
After a rigorous registration procedure, with full referencing and police checks, our carers are recruited for their character, as well as their experience.
Do all your staff have DBS checks?
Yes absolutely. All Pringles Care services staff undertake a full, annual DBS check.
What if I need to change my call or cancel it?
We understand that you may need to change or cancel your call from time to time, and we are able to accommodate this, however we do request clients give 24 hours notice so carers can be replaced or notified.
Do you provide service over Christmas and holidays?
Yes we do. We deliver our clients a full service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Are your staff aloud to take me out when they visit?
Yes absolutely. If you have a trip in mind just let us know and we can arrange for the necessary risk assessments to take place. To ensure the safety of our clients and staff, all risk assessments must be complete prior to the scheduled call.
How do I pay for my care?
You can pay for your care conveniently by cheque or bank transfer. We also accept Direct Payments (DPs) and operate Individual Service Funds (ISF).
Who do you supply care to?
We have worked hard to become a trusted agency in London and are proud to supply care to individuals and establishments such as Ealing County Council, the NHS and local residential homes.